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Student License

What is it?

The student license grants access to the largest database of digital educational resources in Portuguese for the Learning of Portuguese Abroad.

On Português Mais Perto, students associated with Teachers who teach Portuguese Teaching Abroad (EPE) find dozens of interactive lessons, covering all learning topics according to their level of proficiency.

With the support of Português Mais Perto students can study and carry out exercises autonomously, as well as take advantage of some of the collaborative features that the platform provides, such as joining classes, performing tasks sent by teachers and communicating via messages or class feed.

A support for learning the Portuguese language at the click of a button.

Why Português Mais Perto?

Individual work component

Recursos multimédia


Offers interactive lessons with videos, animations and exercises that allow you to learn the subject.

Testes interativos


Supports the preparation for the assessment moments through interactive tests.

Registo do progresso


Records the learning progress and offers personalised suggestions based on the results obtained.

Manual digital


Allows the access to the digital version of the textbooks from Porto Editora adopted for your level of EPE.

Colaborative work component

Associação a turmas


Integration into classes or personalised groups of students created by the teachers.

Partilha de materiais


Access to study materials shared by the teacher on the platform.

Tarefas e avaliação


Accomplishment of tasks assigned by the teacher with associated delivery, within the defined deadline.



Synchronous and asynchronous communication with the class, via feed or by messages.

Contents and Features

Interactive lessons

Organized according to the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and the Framework of Reference for Portuguese Teaching Abroad (QuaREPE), students learn and consolidate, through interactive lessons of Português Mais Perto, the topics addressed in school lessons.

The richness and diversity of the hundreds of resources are fundamental for a better understanding, for effective learning and for the strengthen of students' skills in Portuguese language and culture.

The platform also offers personalized learning suggestions, adjusted to each student.

Nível A1 - Infantil

Level A1

Nível A2 - Juvenil

Level A2

Nível A2 - Juvenil/Adulto

Level B1

Nível A2 - Juvenil/Adulto

Level B2

Interactive Tests

Organised by curricular topics, interactive tests assess the student’s knowledge in real time. Depending on the results interactive lessons are suggested for the revision of the subject.

Português 1.º ano

Level A1

Português 2.º ano

Level A2

Português 3.º ano

Level B1

Português 4.º ano

Level B2

Progress Record

All progress is recorded so that the student can perform self-assessment.

Personalized work suggestions are also presented depending on the results obtained and the student's evolution on the platform.

Registo do progresso
Registo do progresso

Digital Textbook*

Access to the digital version of the Porto Editora textbook, enriched with multimedia resources.

* Access subject to the conditions contracted by the Educational Institution that subscribes to the Português Mais Perto service.

Registo do progresso
Registo do progresso
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