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Individual license for EPE Teacher

What is it?

The individual teacher license grants access to the best and more complete database of digital educational resources in Portuguese for the Teaching of Portuguese Abroad (EPE).

If you are an EPE Teacher and have adopted textbooks from a publisher other than Porto Editora, you can subscribe to an individual Teacher license and have access to the platform Português Mais Perto.

The teacher's individual license is thus the most complete and comprehensive educational solution, guaranteeing the teacher full access to the contents of the platform Português Mais Perto for all levels of Portuguese Teaching Abroad.

All resources were designed with the aim of developing and deepening general skills in Portuguese language and culture within the scope of the guidelines of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), the Framework of Reference for Portuguese Education Abroad (QuaREPE) and Programs for Portuguese Education Abroad.

On Português Mais Perto EPE teachers find a pedagogical tool that they can use to support their individual work of preparing classes, carrying out exercises and assessments so as to promote the teaching of Portuguese as a non-native and foreign language, namely, in the educational systems of countries with Portuguese-speaking communities.

Strengthen Portuguese linguistic and cultural heritage with emigrant communities with Português Mais Perto

Find out how you can subscribe

To subscribe to the individual EPE Teacher license, you must be previously registered at Espaço Professor from Porto Editora.

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In this case, access the respective publisher's page by selecting the button below.

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Why Português Mais Perto?

Keep track of the advantages and benefits of the platform.

Recursos multimédia


Innovate and strengthen Portuguese language and cultural skills abroad with hundreds of multimedia resources.

Ferramenta de criação de aulas

Lesson creation tool

Create dynamic and customised lessons and use the tool to support content planning.

Testes interativos e edição de questões

Interactive tests and question editing

Find thousands of questions and create customised tests that help with assessment moments.

Manuais digitais


Get access to the digital version of the textbooks from Porto Editora adopted for your level of Teaching Portuguese Abroad.

Contents and Features

Multimedia Resources

Discover hundreds of multimedia resources catalogued per year, discipline and subject to which you have access to the different levels of Teaching Portuguese Abroad, in Portuguese (from the 1st to the 12th grade), Pre-school Education, Environmental Studies (from the 1st to the 4th grade), Portuguese History and Geography (5th and 6th grade) and History (from the 7th to the 9th grade).

Among the multiplicity of available resources, we highlight the learning sequences prepared for projection, for video conference or for sharing with students in assignment mode. They help to reinforce students' skills in Portuguese language and culture and support the implementation of innovative teaching strategies, such as the inverted classroom. You will also find interactive tests, to support evaluation, and other resources, such as videos, tutorials, activities, games and presentations.

Sequências de aprendizagem

Learning sequences









Lesson creation tool

Create your customized lessons, in the Disciplines area, merging content available in Português Mais Perto with your own content, which you can import to the platform.

Ferramenta de criação de aulas

Interactive Tests

Find interactive tests for all themes of your level of Teaching Portuguese Abroad and the other subject areas to which you have access. They that allow you to make an immediate and effective assessment of the class progression. All tests are editable allowing the creation of questions by the teacher or the selection of one of the hundreds of questions available, catalogued by year, subject and theme, searchable by keyword or by filters of different types.

The tests can be shared as an assignment, being automatically corrected, or exported to Word, to be performed on paper.

Teste de Nível A2

Level test A2

Teste de Nível B1

Level test B1

Teste de Nível B2

Level test B2

Test creation tool

Create customised tests and prepare other evaluation moments.

The different types of existing activities, such as multiple choice, space filling, direct response, identification, ordering, among many others, allow, in a simple and intuitive way, to prepare assessment activities.

These activities can then, in the classroom, be projected, solved on the interactive whiteboard, printed or assigned to students as a task.

Ferramenta de criação de testes
Manuais Digitais

Digital textbooks

Access the digital versions of the Porto Editora textbooks in the Library area, with hundreds of associated resources referring to the level of EPE that you teach.

You can view the textbooks online or offline, by downloading the application for computers running Windows 7, 8 and 10, from your Library in Português Mais Pertto.

Manuais Digitais


To strengthen the EPE, you can also access the Porto Editora dictionaries in Portuguese and bilingual in English, French and Spanish.

For each language you will also find the conjugation of the respective verbs.



Subscribe now to the individual EPE Teacher license and have access to all levels of Portuguese Teaching Abroad and to Porto Editora's Digital Textbooks.

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